Racecar Gear Shift Optimisation Calculator by Samir Abid

Racecar Gear Shift Optimisation Calculator

Perfect Gear Shifts - Everytime

Racing car drivers do not typically know the best gear change RPM. This Excel tool enables you to take data you already have and determine the best gear shift points for your unique racing car.

Knowing you are shifting up AND down at exactly the right RPM will gain you free lap time and avoid those endless debates about what is the best gear to take any particular corner.


This is the basic version. Their is now also an advanced version that includes Gear Ratio optimisation as well! 

For more information on the advanced version - including a detailed video walkthrough - visit: https://shop.yourdatadriven.com/advanced-racecar-gear-shift-and-gear-ratio-optimisation-calculator


You provide:

  • Torque v RPM (from the rolling road)
  • Gear ratios (up to 5)
  • Final drive ratio
  • Tyre size

You get:

  • The precise gear shift RPM and speed for the fastest acceleration, optimised for every gear (no more guess work)
  • A professional grade race engineering tool you can use to evaluate the effects of different gearing.
  • Ability to maximise your tuning investments in Engine and Rolling Road.
  • An advantage over any competitor who doesn't know their optimum gear shift points.
  • Free lap-time!

Fine print

* The tool is an Excel 2010 (onwards) macro-enabled workbook.

* You will need to "enable macros" when you open the file. 

* Sold subject to our Fair End User Licence Agreement 

What's included?

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