The Complete Beginners Guide To Motorsports Data Analysis

Struggling to understand your data? Want to KNOW precisely how to get on the pace? Invest in yourself. Worth more lap time than new tyres.
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Pro v Amateur Masterclass With Scott Mansell (Driver61)

How fast would a Pro go in your racing car? What could you learn? Data Analysis Masterclass reviewing Scott Mansell to help you form a plan.
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Advanced Racecar Gear Shift AND Gear Ratio Optimisation Calculator

Know for certain what gear ratios and diff to run at any race track. The basic calculators big brother!
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Racecar Gear Shift Optimisation Calculator

Unsure when to change up (or down) gears? Gain certainty with this gear change optimisation calculator.
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Transponder Mount Time Delta Calculator

Wondering where the best place to mount your transponder is? Use this tool to find the best compromise between performance and safety.
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